As many organisations have discovered, implementing a technology solution by itself rarely results in more effective collaboration and knowledge sharing.  It requires:

  • Understanding of how and why successful knowledge-sharing communities and networks perform.
  • A system that implicitly acknowledges the constraints (time, process) and motivations (reciprocity, reward) that individuals experience within such networks.
  • A blended approach where technology seamlessly supports the behavioural characteristics that will encourage users to self-organize, collaborate and co-create.

Developing more fluid knowledge flows does not have to impact the investment in ICT systems that organisations have made in the past. It’s not a matter of ripping out legacy systems, but extending what you have, adding new capabilities and integrating new applications and services.

What we can provide is an independent perpective on where the pinch-points and blockages may exist within the organisation’s business processes, and offer advice and solutions that will encourage and enable more efficient, more effective, more dynamic knowledge flows that can deliver improved productivity, personal (staff) opportunities for innovation.

Our social business practices typically focus on the following arreas:

  1. Leveraging social business tools and techniques to locate skills, improve learning, share knowledge and build relationships.
  2. Increasing operational efficiency by connecting silo’d working practices.
  3. Providing seamless connections between front-end services and back-end systems to reduce transactional costs and improve the customer experience.
  4. Providing better decision support through access to on-demand business metrics and analytics.
  5. Social Network Analysis (SNA) to provide insight into how your community/network is working, and how it can be improved.

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