Online Information 2007 – Communities of Practice in Local Government


A thought-provoking and highly entertaining presentation from Roo Reynolds (IBM’s ‘Metaverse Evangelist’) at today’s Online Information Conference. I came away with a resolution to spend some time getting to grips with  Second Life  with a view to seeing how 3D virtual worlds  might be used to support the development of communities of practice. At the very least, it’s a good alternative to Webcasts as a synchronous collaboration tool/application. Probably a step too far for the public sector, where I’m currently doing work on developing a CoP strategy for local government – but if nothing else, I’ll learn something from the experience.

Thanks also to Roo for blogging on my presentation yesterday. I was slightly disappointed that there was no-one from the IDeA at the conference, who may have been in a better position to respond to the question I had from a number of delegates about why the community of practice platform was not being more actively and vigorously promoted and marketed across local authorities. I understand there are plans to do this in the New Year, but would have been good to have heard this from the IDeA.

Overall, I thought it was a very good conference this year, though all the presentations I attended seemed to lack sufficient time for the delegates to get properly engaged in the Q&A. 

I wonder if Web 2.0 will still be the prominent topic next year? My guess is it will, and hopefully we’ll have some more case studies on the practical deployments of the technologies and applications.

I’ll be putting my presentation onto Slideshare within the next day or so.

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