Enterprise 2.0 tools and the need for business context

An interesting discussion over at Jon Mell’s blog about Enterprise 2.0 tools and the need for systems developers to consider business process context for the tools and not assume the users will intuitively know this. I think there is merit in this idea, but as I have commented:

I don’t disagree with the general thrust of your argument, i.e. keeping the tools you use within the context of the business process. However, the last point you make (…the tools should do the thinking for us as to which communication mechanism to use – they shouldn’t require us to think) is arguably a utopian view and, certainly in my opinion, unlikely to happen. In fact, I was putting a presentation together yesterday for a group of people who we’re trying to encourage to get more involved in an on-line community, and one of my bullets read…”Live with the complexity; technology can’t solve everything”. So for me, I think we should strive to become more like Generation Y and learn how to use the tools in context until it becomes intuitive.

Pitch in if you have an opinion.

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