UKGovWeb barcamp event roundup.


There’s probably not a lot more I can say about the excellent UKGovWeb barcamp event that took place at the Google offices on Saturday 26th January that hasn’t already been said by the raft of energetic bloggers that made up the majority of the delegates (or at least that was my impression). You can see a round-up of the day’s events at the Pageflakes site, catch up on the pre-and-post conversations at the Google Group, or check out the following blogs (with apologies to all I have missed out….can’t quite keep up with the blog-rate!). See Dave Briggs, Simon Dickson, David Wilcox, LLoyd Davis, Jeremy Gould, Tim Davies and Nick Booth, with photos on Flickr, websites tagged here and videos here.

It’s not really surprising that this one event has generated so much multimedia exposure, given the assembly of so many ‘Web 2.0 activists’, and I hope this will ensure some continued momentum for this particular self-organising group. I think Jeremy Gould summed this up quite well on his blog:

"We need to find ways to make partnership between those inside and those
around government easier – and promote it as as an alternative method
to trying to do everything ourselves. We don’t know all the answers
individually, but as a collective we can get closer to the ideal

If we in government want to innovate more, we should also behave
more like innovators. The format and style of the barcamp was great and
encouraged collaboration and thinking differently.

Best keep an eye on Pageflakes for future developments!


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