Intranet vs. Social Media

I thought Euen Semple’s blog today comparing the ineffectiveness of most Intranet (enterprise) search engines with social media as a means of getting to relevant information and knowledge was spot on. Not much I can add, so suggest you read the source. All at bit close to the heart, since I’m currently doing some work with a large gov agency who are implementing a new Intranet search engine, and also a local gov agency who are developing social media tools. I think part of the answer to this conundrum is to start integrating things like discussion forums into the enterprise’s Intranet search index – the best of both worlds maybe?


  1. Euan Semple said:

    Actually I should have said that our forums, wikis and blogs were all indexed by the main search and presented as separate elements of the search results.

    January 9, 2007
  2. Dave said:

    How search works is undergoing the beginnings of a revolution, led by Jimmy Wales, with his Search Wikia project [1]. I think that the way we define search will change dramatically over the next couple of years, with the rise in importance of semantics, microformats and social media.


    January 9, 2007

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