Local Government Glossary of Terms

If you’ve ever wondered what the  acronyms and ‘civil service’ speak actually mean on the letters you get from the council, or you need some help interpreting the latest government policy initiative, check out the Local Government Glossary over at Wikispaces. The Glossary was the initiative of the Social Media & Collaboration community of practice over at the IDeA, and it is hoped that the Glossary will attract some further contributions from anyone in local government (staff and contractors) who may be working on a project or initiative not currently mentioned in the Glossary.

This is also an excellent opportunity to explore the  the effectiveness of social media for bringing together the collective knowledge of staff working in the public sector.  I don’t think there is any expectation that this will be the ‘Wikipedia‘ of local government, but it’s a small acorn, and will be given every opportunity to grow. So, if you want to add your favourite bit of civil service speak to the Glossary, go and register your details at Local Government Glossary, or just use it as a reference the next time you get some gobbeldygook from the council!

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