Bookmarks for December 23rd through December 30th

These are my links for December 23rd through December 30th:

  • Defining social media : Tim’s Blog – Definitions are useful things in research and critical thinking around a subject. When studying the youth work uses of social network sites, I found boyd and Ellison’s clear definition of what constitutes a social network site to be extremely useful in giving focus to the work. Right now I’m working with Kevin Harris on an essay around the potential uses of social media in frontline public services, and one of the first challenges I’ve hit is finding an operational definition of social media.
  • ReadWriteWeb Interview With Tim Berners-Lee, Part 1: Linked Data – The Semantic Web and Linked Data connect because when we've got this web of linked data, there are already lots of technologies which exist to do fancy things with it. But it's time now to concentrate on getting the web of linked data out there.
  • – So North Carolina’s state government has its first social media policy. Gov. Beverly Perdue announced today the implementation of the policy, which includes a set of best practices, a tutorial that gives an overview of social media sites and tools and a reminder to employees that all communication via social media is subject to the state’s public records law. You can read the entire policy here, and see a tutorial made for government employees here.
  • – post your hashtags and promote your tweets – Hashtags become more valuable as more people use them. This social network is for all Twitter Users.
  • Knoco stories: Heirarchies of Knowledge – When you are building your store of explicit knowledge for the organisation, you need to make it clear how much validity your documentation has. Knowledge comes in different levels of trust, and you need to make it clear to the reader what level applies to all documentation.

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