Bookmarks for December 6th through December 9th

These are my links for December 6th through December 9th:

  • Tweepular – Tweepular has a bright colorful interface that helps you to organize your followers and your followings. You can sort the tweeps by date added, number of followers or last updated in either ascending or descending order.
  • Twitter follow stats, graphs and widgets | Twitter Counter – Twittercounter provides you useful insights on you are doing on twitter in terms of number of followers and tweets. You can measure and track progress of your competitors account as well and redesign your strategy on twitter.
  • TweetEffect- When did you lose or gain twitter followers? – Still in its beta phase, TweetEffect find out which of your twitter updates made people follow or leave you. It analyzes last 200 updates and color code the tweets that affected your number of followers.
  • The Twitalyzer for Tracking Influence and Measuring Success in Twitter – Measure Your Impact and Success in Social Media. Twitalyzer is a free tool to evaluate the activity of any Twitter user and report on dozens of useful measures of success in social media.
  • TweetStats :: Graphin' Your Stats – Twitter tracking application
  • Online Information 2009, Your Connection to the Future of Information – Stephen Dale has been appointed Conference Chairman of Online Information. Stephen takes over the helm from retiring Chairman, Adrian Dale, on the final day of this year’s annual international gathering for the information profession at Olympia Grand Hall, London, UK.
  • Twittering Causes Blindness: Busting Social Media Myths – OK, I know twittering doesn’t really cause blindness, but I am constantly hearing all sorts of myths about social media these days, and I’m surprised this one hasn’t made the rounds yet. I’m here to dispel some of the most common myths I’ve heard about social media tools and tactics. I would love to hear some of the myths that you’ve heard.

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