Bookmarks for February 18th through February 25th

These are my links for February 18th through February 25th:

  • Personal knowledge management, filtering and information overload – With more than 100 million distinct websites, one trillion unique URLs and an ever-increasing amount of e-mail, people are drowning in information.

    However, the problem is not information overload but rather filter failure, according to Clay Shirky.

    In traditional knowledge management the focus has been on quantity, not quality. Organizations have struggled to collect all the knowledge that their workers possess.

    The goal was simply to collect all the individual knowledge in one big common knowledge base.
    Very few companies had success with this strategy, but the ones that actually had success was facing a different problem: information overload .

  • Welcome to the London Datastore | London DataStore – This is where we’ll be releasing all of the Greater London Authority’s data for all Londoners to see and use free of charge.
    Releasing GLA data is just the beginning though and we’ll be using our connections and influence to request and cajole other public sector organisations into following suit.
  • Public Sector Bloggers – UK public sector blogging all in one place
  • Councils turn to Twitter for local emergency management | – Councils are beginning to engage with global social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and community websites, as a way of communicating with residents and businesses when local emergencies arise.
  • Uberblic SPARQL Endpoint

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