Bookmarks for January 15th through January 18th

These are my links for January 15th through January 18th:

  • Analytics Toolbox: 50+ More Ways to Track Website Traffic – If you have a website or blog you’re probably interested in who’s visiting your site and what they’re doing while they’re there. Way back in 2007 we did a post on web analytics but a lot has changed since then. Most analytics packages are now focusing on real-time tracking and graphical representations of visitor data. Here are more than fifty analytics tools to help you monitor and analyze your web traffic.
  • Communities and Collaboration – New blog post: Blogs vs. Wikis – the Kennedy, Nixon debate
  • – All you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about Web 2.0 – from an IBM perspective.
  • 100 top sites for the year ahead (2009) – The online world has changed dramatically even since we last drew up a list of 100 useful sites in December 2006. In the interim, there has been a revival of the browser wars – with Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari making surprising inroads into the Windows monopoly, and offering a new vision of what browsing can be like.

    The growth of location-based services – particularly those which you can choose to log yourself in and out of, thus protecting your privacy – has been rapid.

    Video, of course, is now everywhere. YouTube was already dominant in 2006, but now the BBC's iPlayer is taking over. If it makes its technology available to all, perhaps the UK will become a nation of video makers and watchers.

  • CelebrityTweet! Stalk Celebrities on Twitter! – If you're into stalking celebrities on Twitter (and I'm not), this may be for you

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