Bookmarks for January 27th through January 28th

These are my links for January 27th through January 28th:

  • 50 Essential Strategies For Creating A Successful Web 2.0 Product [Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Blog] – The Web Community Gets Smarter Every Time It Builds A Product

    If there's one thing that the Web has taught us it's that the network gets smarter by virtue of people using it and product development is no exception. Not only do we have examples of great online applications and systems to point to and use for best practices, but the latest tools, frameworks, development platforms, APIs, widgets, and so on, which are largely developed today in the form of open source over the Internet, tend to accumulate many of these new best practices. I've lauded everything from frameworks like Rails, Cake PHP, and Grails to online community platforms like Drupal and Joomla as examples of guiding solutions that can be vital springboards for the next great Web product or service.

  • Evernote releases Google Notebook importer – Ars Technica – Google admitted it was no longer immune to the economic downturn last week by announcing that in addition to a handful of layoffs, certain services were either getting put on hold or shut down. Among these is Google Notebook, an Evernote-like product that allows users to easily clip information from around the web and organize it into, well, notebooks. Fortunately, Evernote got in touch to let us know that it is officially taking in Google Notebook refugees with a handy new Google Notebook importer.
  • My Podcast – Free Podcast Hosting & Directory – Guide on how to started with podcasts and free hosting facility. Cool
  • Ourmedia: Homepage – We're here for the community
    Video producers and podcasters use Ourmedia to show off their works and create communities of interest.

    * Create your own channels!
    * Learn how to create cooler media
    * Grab rights-cleared footage & music
    * Upload your work to multiple sites
    * You own your media – no lock-ins!

  • e-Government National Awards 2008 – The Communities of Practice (CoPs) platform has won a 2008 National e-Government Award. e-Government National Awards winner 2008

    The annual e-Government National Awards are the UK's highest level commendation for the best e-government services, recognising excellence across transformational e-government projects.

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