Bookmarks for July 14th through July 18th

These are my links for July 14th through July 18th:

  • Enterprise: List of 40 Social Media Staff Guidelines – Managing staff who participate in social networks.
    This list also includes policies called; Staff blogging policies, enterprise social network guidelines, Employee Blogging Policies, Staff engagement in online communities, and so on. I’ve done a few press (radio, print) interviews this week re: Telstra so I thought I should have another look at how Enterprise, Government, Corporates, Not for Profits are handling the fact that their staff are members of social networks too.
  • WiserEarth: Connecting You to Communities of Action – WiserEarth is an online community space connecting the people, nonprofits and businesses working toward a just and sustainable world
  • Gov 2.0: Where to begin – Part 3 of 3 « what are we doing today, brain? – There are some passionate individuals and communities in this space, and empowering one or a few internal champions to engage will be enormously beneficial through what is learned and then able to be integrated into your strategy. Below are a few communities I know of:

    Twitter – check out the #publicsphere, #gov2au and #gov20 hashtags (discussions), and connect with people who are participating in the discussion. This will rapidly get you in touch with many local experts, as well as in tune with what the Twitter community interested in this space are saying. Conferences – look for and attend Gov 2.0, Web 2.0 and Open Government events.
    Gov 2.0 groups/lists – there are several useful ones. A few I’ve joined include the Gov 2.0 Australia mailing list, GovLoop networking group, the Gov 2.0 Ning group, and of course it is worth subscribing to and participating in the Government 2.0 Taskforce blog.

  • Gov 2.0: Where to begin – Part 2 of 3 « what are we doing today, brain? – In the United Kingdom there has been a lot of work done to look at “Gov 2.0” by the “Power of Information Taskforce”, which was established in 2008 based on a report completed in 2007 by Ed Mayo and Tom Steinberg called the ‘Power of Information review‘. The core aspects of the Taskforce recommendations include: helping people online where they seek help; innovate and co-create with citizens online; open up the policy dialogue online; reform geospatial data; modernise data publishing and reuse; and a modern capability.
  • Gov 2.0: Where to begin – Part 1 of 3 « what are we doing today, brain? – have tried to put together some very practical first steps for government representatives and agencies who are struggling to understand this space. The first step is to gather information. Above is hopefully some useful working definitions that will help, but you should also read the draft briefing paper from Senator Lundy’s Public Sphere event on Government 2.0, which is the collation of several hundred perspectives and ideas in this space. All the videos, Twitter chatter and blog comments are linked there too.


  1. Pia Waugh said:

    Thanks for the link! Glad you found the post useful 🙂

    August 2, 2009
  2. Timonie Hood said:

    Thanks so much for including WiserEarth WiserEarth” in your bookmark list.

    The site includes networking opportunities and free interactive Group online spaces for people and organizations working on environmental and social justice issues.

    WiserEarth Groups include wikis, event listings, discussion boards, event postings, maps, and other interactive tools.

    With thanks for the work you do.

    August 12, 2009
  3. […] If you need even more inspiration, then check out this post from Laurel Papworth, linking to loads of different examples of enterprise level social media policies. Thanks to Steve Dale for pointing out the link. […]

    August 16, 2009

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