Bookmarks for July 28th through August 4th

These are my links for July 28th through August 4th:

  • HootSuite – Save your time and save your sanity. Continue managing all of your Twitter profiles through one client: HootSuite!
  • Welcome – Kete is open source software that you can use to create online areas for collaboration for your community. Write topics and upload images, audio, video, documents. Discuss them all. Link them together.

    It's been called a "relational wiki" and " a mashup between content management and knowledge managment". It's a fun way to get things done.

  • | Knowledge Networks – intends to be a unified resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks. The project's main goal is to leverage a critical understanding of different visualization methods, across a series of disciplines, as diverse as Biology, Social Networks or the World Wide Web. I truly hope this space can inspire, motivate and enlighten any person doing research on this field.
  • Ten top issues in adopting enterprise social computing | Enterprise Web 2.0 | – Despite an growing body of encouraging case studies, evidence, and research, the jury is still out on total impact social computing will have on businesses. This return will even vary widely for many organizations for a number of reasons will explore below. At present, the uncertainty is simply because that there are not enough organizations that have incorporated social computing approaches (which encompasses the full range of social software as applied to business that include social networks and Enterprise 2.0 to things like crowdsourcing and social CRM) across their lines of business for us to get a complete enough picture. Even the ones that have done it, haven’t done it long enough to see what the results actually are.
  • The Bamboo Project Blog: Some Links for Creating and Managing Your Own LinkedIn Group – I had to pull together some resources on using LinkedIn's Groups feature for a client, so thought it might be helpful to post the links here. These are more geared toward starting and running your own group, as opposed to finding and joining an existing group.

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