Bookmarks for June 9th through June 15th

These are my links for June 9th through June 15th:

  • CIO > How Facebook and Twitter are changing data privacy rules – CIOs think about privacy the way some people think about exercise: with a sigh and a sense of impending pain. Outside of regulated industries like health care – where patient privacy is paramount – privacy affects CIOs as a corollary of security when, say, a laptop holding millions of people's records is lost or hackers siphon off customer data.

    "CIOs generally don't care about privacy," says Peter Milla, former CIO and chief privacy officer at Survey Sampling International (SSI). Milla says most CIOs either focus on technology, or regard privacy as outside their domain, the province of a chief privacy or chief security officer. He finds both attitudes wrongheaded. CIOs, Milla says, should "want to be ahead of the curve" on privacy.

  • socialstrategy:start [Practical Participation] – There are many small hurdles to effective use of social media and technology in public services. In democratic engagement and participation; communications and outreach; education; or just about any other area of work – the same soluble barriers hold up action.

    This wiki builds upon this blog post and offers a space to share learning about how to overcome the many small hurdles.

    Select any of the Hurdles listed below to add your comments, insights and experiences on how they affect the uptake of social technologies, or how they can be overcome.

    You can also find a list of other blog posts talking about this list.

  • Lifehacker – The Google Wave Highlight Reel – Google Wave – We haven't been invited to try out Google Wave (yet? pretty please Mister Google?), but based on the 80-minute demonstration video, we're jazzed about it. Don't have 80 minutes? These eight 30-60 second clips highlight the best parts of Google Wave.
  • 500 Internal Server Error – 500 Internal Server Error
  • – New blog post: Bookmarks for May 26th through June 9th

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