Bookmarks for November 9th through November 12th

These are my links for November 9th through November 12th:

  • The TALK Project – TALK – TALK is a wiki for the public sector in the UK and beyond. It started out as a Communities and Local Government project to try and help people in the local government sector work together more effectively. What began as a project to carry out research into the National Projects has morphed into an effort to provide people in local government with spaces where they can work together.
  • CommunityIntelligence Ltd. – We facilitate transformation that strengthens authentic connection between people
    to realize the next level of collective potential.
  • How the children of the digital age will change the way we work | Money | The Guardian – They helped propel Barack Obama into power – and now the children of the digital age are about to change the way we work. Don Tapscott explains why the rest of us need to shape up.
    Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World by Don Tapscott is published by McGraw-Hill Professional
  • e-Government National Awards – 68 finalists from among the 588 nominations have been announced in the e-Government National Awards 2008 – this year's 'best of the best' in public sector ICT & e-Government.
  • Bringing Micro-messaging to Enterprise 2.0 – – The huge success of Twitter has triggered a number of firms (e.g., QikCom, Yammer, and that now provide micro-messaging for use behind the firewall. This is yet another example of a personal web 2.0 tool creating a market for an enterprise 2.0 version.

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