Government web site rankings

Interesting fact: eGMS – so much for the
government’s "mandatory" metadata requirement; 73% of central and 42% of local
government websites fail the requirements on every single page, including
important sites such as, the Cabinet Office, and Number 10.
Indeed, the "e-GIF Accreditation Authority" site itself makes no attempt at all
to comply!

Have long thought that the IPSV (Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary) is becoming meaningless – seems many local authority web sites are ignoring it – or at least only ‘pretending’ to comply by allocating one term (e.g. ‘Local Gov’) from the list to their subject tag for web pages I mean, why bother when search engines can provide more accurate subject context from analysing all the content from the page?! Still, more on this topic later…it’s primary source of irritant for me!

For more details on central and local gov web site rankings, check out Sitemorse

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