Cabinet Office uses YouTube

Picked this up from Kable today. Good to see Gov is keeping up with the social computing trends:

The Cabinet Office has placed two promotional videos on the YouTube file sharing website

One of the videos promotes the Transformational Government strategy, while the other deals with the theme of leadership.

A Cabinet Office spokesperson told GC News on 22 August 2006 that it was an "unofficial" trial designed to test the potential of the site.

"It’s not a bad idea to communicate with people through a website that is proving very popular," the spokesperson said.

"It’s not future policy to use this kind of
communication but we are interested. Given that we are a major source
of information and services for the public we need to find new ways of

The videos have been on the site for three
months, in which the one on Transformational Government has attracted
790 viewers and that on leadership has pulled in 430. There was only
one comment on each, describing them as government propaganda.

The spokesperson added that the Cabinet Office is ready to consider the possibilities for communicating through other channels.

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  1. Anecdote said:

    UK Cabinet Office uses YouTube

    Dissident reports that the UK Cabinet Office has posted two videos on YouTube. Its good to see the UK Government using the latest social software. I went searching for the videos and found one calledSharing – the Leadership Challenge, whic…

    September 4, 2006

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