KM Roles and KM People – KIN Conference

Attended an excellent workshop on Wednesday 6th December on "Knowledge Management roles and capabilities", and 7th December on "People – the hard side of Knowledge Management". Both events organised by the Knowledge & Innovation Network (KIN), which once again brought together an effective blend of KM practitioners, academics and ‘experts’. Richard McDermott and Tom Young provided some good insight into roles in CoPs and roles in KM organisations on Wednesday. On Thursday we grappled with cognitive neuroscience (or how the brain works and its relationship to KM) – a thought provoking (no pun intended) presentation from Dr Itiel Dror, and still can’t believe I missed the gorilla! (Sorry – won’t mean much to anyone who hasn’t seen the presentation). With additional input from Dr Richard McDermott, Professor Harry Scarborough (on ‘Organisation design for knowledge sharing’ and Sally Vanson (Cultural change and KM). Grateful thanks to the KIN people for organising the event, and the Christmas dinner on the 6th (with silly hats and games – great fun!).

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