One step forward, two steps back?

Feeling somewhat frustrated. Having spent the best part of around 4 days pulling together a compelling case for a new KM strategy for the client, with full budgetary breakdown for the duration of the 3-year programme, I was (a) not invited to the Management Team when it was discussed on the agenda and (b) later advised that they couldn’t agree the strategy without me being there! I’ve since been asked to revise the proposal and make it look like its not going to cost anything (bit of smoke and mirrors here I think).

I haven’t given up yet. Will spend another 2 days glued to my PC and see if I can hide the costs of the programme as I’m required to do. If I look back over the past 7 months, I seem to have spent my whole time writing papers for various ‘important’ groups. This seems to be the  way of things in  the public sector – all paper and no decisions. I can see where the money is going – maybe should have bought shares in a paper-pulping company or something!

The Dissident.

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