Bookmarks for July 5th through July 11th

These are my links for July 5th through July 11th:

  • Defining the roles within digital engagement – One of the big challenges for the emerging field of digital engagement is to define and describe what it is that we do, and establish roles within teams which can enable it to happen more easily, more consistently and on a larger scale.
  • 5 Essential Traits for Community Managers – Community manager is the new it position in social media. To establish hardcore communities of evangelists around your brand, you need to have one. However, what makes up a successful community manager? Every community manager must have their own style and idea about how to run things for their company, right?

    Some basic tenets and rules apply regardless of the company, here narrowed it down to 5 essential traits.

  • Help Create The Charter in Mixed Ink – Drafting a statment which local authorities, national government and voluntary agencies can sign up to as a comittment to change
  • SOCIAL BY SOCIAL – New Book, launched 6th July 2009 at #rebootbritain
    New technologies are changing the way we engage communities, run companies, deliver public services, participate in government and campaign for change. These new technologies are available to all of us. And they offer us an amazing opportunity to change our world.
  • 30 Twitter Tools For Managing Followers | Tools | – To manage your followers or friends on twitter is not an easy task. To be successful on twitter you have to analyze different things. You should know how active your followers are, do they retweet your tweets, do they update regularly and you should know those whom you are following are following you.

    To manage all above things there are some helpful web based applications. Good news is you don’t have to search for them i have already compiled 30 twitter tools for you to manage followers.

  • Putting Government Data online – Design Issues – This, 2009, is the year for putting government data online. Both US and UK governments made public commitments toward open data. The TED talk on Linked Data was in February. Groups from the Guardian to the Sunlight Foundation had already been pushing for it for a long time. People like,, and had been pushing by publishing government data themselves in various formats, including Linked Data.

    So if you want to do this, what should you do? This article addresses this question very briefly, and makes a set of points which will probably be outdated by later developments, but answer a set of relevant question, asked or not.

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  1. bne said:

    Busy day of organizing my files, bookmarks and emails. Over 100 GB of unsorted files to start with. Oh, what fun!

    July 12, 2009

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