Bookmarks for November 19th through November 24th

These are my links for November 19th through November 24th:

  • BarCamp / BarcampUKGovweb09 – If you think you've got something to contribute to improving how government organisations use the web, then this event is for you. There's a Google Group that was set up for last year's event where you can find out more.

    Sign up further down this page, and be prepared to lead a session on something.

    * What did you build in the last year that you're most proud of?
    * What didn't quite come off as you'd hoped this year? – and even better, why didn't it work?
    * What's the coolest thing you're working on at the moment?
    * What's the tool or technique you can't believe we aren't all using?

  • Mobiles in-a-Box – Tools and tactics for mobile advocacy

    Mobiles in-a-box from the Tactical Technology Collective is a collection of tools, tactics, how-to guides and case studies designed to help advocacy and activist organisations use mobile technology in their work.

    Mobiles in-a-box is designed to inspire you, to present possibilities for the use of mobile telephony in your work and to introduce you to some tools which may help you. After reading the material in this toolkit you can expect to be able to design and implement a mobile advocacy strategy for your organisation.

  • Tag Gardening for Folksonomy Enrichment and Maintenance – s social tagging applications continuously gain in popularity, it becomes more and more accepted that models and tools for (re-)organizing tags are needed. Some first approaches are already practically implemented. Recently, activities to edit and organize tags have been described as "tag gardening". We discuss different ways to subsequently revise and reedit tags and thus introduce different "gardening activities"; among them models that allow gradually adding semantic structures to folksonomies and/or that combine them with more complex forms of knowledge organization systems. Moreover, power tags are introduced as tag gardening candidates and the personal tag repository TagCare is presented.
  • The AppGap » » Enterprise 2.0 — an adoption model – Web apps for work; reviews + commentary; Work 2.0, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 – What are the factors to be mindful of when evolving into an Enterprise 2.0 or even Government 2.0 organisation? Part of the difficulty is understanding the balance between the use of these tools by individuals in a personal and social context and by the organisation as part of its enterprise architectural planning and strategic.
  • onlinefacilitation – Online Facilitation Tips, Pointers and Resources
    This wiki is a resource collection place for Nancy White, Full Circle Associates and an adjunct to the Online Facilitation list on Yahoogroups, founded in August 1999. Consider it a general playground around online facilitation and online community work. When I can, I will do client work here openly that may be useful to others. Consider it a shared resource. Feel free to add other categories.

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