Demos and Mysociety

Came across an interesting web site the other day – Demos – which provides a refreshing perspective on e-democracy and empowement of us ordinary citizens. Was thinking of popping along to an event they are running on Thursday 11 May (Demos, 136 Tooley St, London SE1, 5-6.30pm) The blurb states "Web 2.0: Where’s the democractic dividend?
Is Web 2.0 a new way for companies
to sell to consumers? An opportunity for consumers to take control of the
corporate communications channel? A metaphor for a new kind of democratic social
interaction? A tool that allows well-networked elites to increase their
networking capabilities? All of the above?"
Should be interesting.

Also worth taking a look at Mysociety, which is a good example of a community site working in the public sector. Some great facilities for e-campaigns and finding out a bit more about what your MP has been up to! There’s an article about Mysociety on the Improvement & Development Agency (IDeA) web site – check out article on Mysociety .

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