Managing Beyond Web 2.0 – MkKinsey Article

A recent McKinsey & Co article advocates that organisations should start preparing now for when Web 2.0 morphs into Web 3.0.  The article doesn’t really expand on what it means by ‘Web 3.0’, but there are a few useful nuggets, such as:

  1. Using social networks to listen to what customers are saying (read ‘citizens’ for public sector organisations)
  2. Rather than pushing messages at consumers (citizens), isten to them and think constantly about ways to activley engage with them.
  3. Experiment with social media  – e.g. create an organisation profile on social-networking sites or sponsor an event.
  4. Optimize your Web site so that it connects fluidly with online communities and social-media sites.
  5. Make friends with bloggers and tweet your customers on Twitter.
  6. Make it simple for consumers to link to you and tag your content.
  7. Eliminate the mass-media broadcast mentality: for example, rather than simply buying ads on MySpace, make interactive Web 2.0 and integral part of the communications strategy.
  8. Use the Web tools and quantitative analysis to track the results of your experiments.

The Bottom line is that by focusing on the fundamental aspects of the consumer’s (or citizen’s) online behaviour— not just current best practices—organisations will be better prepared when Web 2.0+ morphs into Web 3.0 and beyond.

McKinsey – managing beyond web 2.0 (PDF)

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