Online Information 2009 – not to be missed

Online Information 2009

I’m looking for to attending the Online Information Conference next week, which runs from 1-3 December at the Olympia. The schedule for the three days can be found on the Online Information website. There are some great speakers lined up, including Charlene Li, co-author of Groundswell, who will be doing a keynote presentation on Thursday 3rd December.

Of particular interest to me is the Track 2 (Social Web ) Keynote session on the 3rd December  on:


which I’ll be moderating. The keynote presentation for this session will be given by Lee Bryant, co-founder of Headshift. I’ve been a keen follower of Lee for some time, and look forward to his perceptive analysis of how business is adapting to the social web. A brief synopsis of this track session as follows:

The application of social tools and social networking within business is all too often regarded as a purely technical exercise, where simply installing new software can solve business problems. In fact, the really interesting lessons of this new era of social business tools are about the affordances, behaviours and new ways of working that social networking makes possible. This session will look at some of the areas in which key concepts such as information flows, ambient awareness, networked productivity and cheap, easy collaboration are impacting on business processes and business design in various sectors and industries.

Learning points:

1. The basics of network-centric information management
2. How to identify business processes ripe for change
3. How to get started with social business design projects

We also have some great presentation and case studies from:

Mike Ellis, Solutions Architect, Eduserv, UK
Lisa Price, Website Communications Manager, Eduserv, UK
Lorna Ferguson, Associate Director of Knowledge Management, KPMG LLP, UK
Ceri Hughes, Director of Knowledge Management, KMPG LLP, UK

I’m anticipating that this will be a very well attended session and feel very privileged to be sharing a platform with those who are pioneering collaborative and knowledge sharing solutions through the social web. Organisations and people are still finding their way through a fairly confusing ‘Web 2.0/Enterprise 2.0′ landscape, which appears to be bounded and stifled by anachronistic 20th century working practices, rules and protocols. I believe this session will offer some insight into where we are heading in building 21st century working practices and the role that technology will have in supporting these changes.

I hope to see some of my friends, colleagues and blog/twitter followers at the event. But for anyone reading this who will be at the event, please do come and say hello.


  1. MJ Ray said:

    “please do come and say hello” – where? I’ve found a bit of time on Thursday afternoon to pop round the exhibition.

    December 1, 2009
    • Steve Dale said:

      I’m at the conference but can pop over to the exhibition. What time will you be there?

      December 2, 2009

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