Bookmarks for August 30th through September 11th

These are my links for August 30th through September 11th:

  • WhatDoTheyKnow – file and browse Freedom of Information (FOI) requests – Make or explore Freedom of Information requests
  • All UK Local Authorities/Councils :: Openly Local – Programmatic access to the Full List of UK councils in one place, at one url: You can also get the data as XML or Json just by adding .xml or .json to the url.
  • Gov 2.0: It’s All About The Platform – Today, many people equate Web 2.0 with social media; three or four years ago, they equated it with AJAX applications and APIs. Many are now starting to think it’s all about cloud computing. In fact, it’s all of these and more. The way I have always defined Web 2.0, it’s been about what it means for the internet, rather than the personal computer, to be the dominant computing platform. What are the rules of business and competitive advantage when the network is the platform?
  • World Digital Library Home – The World Digital Library (WDL) makes available on the Internet, free of
    charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from
    countries and cultures around the world from 8000 BC to 2009 AD and DOWNLOAD
    them in TIF and other known formats !
  • The Real-Time Web: A Primer, Part 1 – This is part 1 of a three-part series on the fundamental characteristics of the real-time Web.Like cloud computing less than a year ago and social networking two years ago, the real-time Web is the new black on the tech circuit. The trend has been publicly bandied about this summer, starting with a few industry get-togethers, followed by several enthusiastic testimonials from investors (notably angel investor Ron Conway’s widely posted list of ways for Twitter to monetize). It was then capped by a glowing report in BusinessWeek in early August.

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