Bookmarks for January 15th through January 19th

These are my links for January 15th through January 19th:

  • Met Office : Weather Widgets – The Met Office web site weather widget system gives you the chance to create a tailored weather widget to use on your own site. You are able to choose the content and layout in order to suit the needs of your web page. Select from the options below to create your widget and then click the "Get script" button to create the script for it. You can then copy that script on to your website.
  • If you watch one video this week, make it this one | Local Democracy – Data visualistion and why it matters. @alexlundry covers the deceptive use of visualisations and the way that lobbies use them.
  • Learnong Tols Directory – Now completely overhauled, updated and reorganised into 12 categories of tools for formal, personal, group and organisational learning. Includes blogging, micro-blogging, wiki, social networking, audio, video tools and much much more.
  • 8 Top Twitter Track Tools to Organize the People You Follow – The proliferation of tools created to support Twitter is astounding due to the early adoption and usage of the Twitter API by developers worldwide. While there are plenty of web applications to choose from to analyze and visualize your activity with Twitter, the Twitter tracking apps that help you manage all of your friends and followers with ease are indispensable.

    Here’s a rundown of eight of the best Twitter tracking apps to help you keep track of your friends and followers, and decide among them who are adding value to your usage of one of the world’s most popular social networking tools.

  • Zwinky – Turn yourself into a cartoon!

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