Communities of Practice in Local Government

It’s always pleasing to get some good publicity about how Communities of Practice are reshaping the way that local government works; creating new opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaboration and co-creation.

The article in e-government bulletin says it all, and indeed I was one of the panel of three who were invited to judge the entries for the CoP of the Year award mentioned in the article.  A very difficult decision I might add, since all of the entries demonstrated the passion and commitment of the facilitators and community members in delivering improvement in local government services. Well done to all involved.

I would just like to add (before I get completely air-brushed out of history) that I was responsible for the original concept and strategy for the IDeA CoP platform, which emerged from a 3-year  knowledge management strategy I was asked to produce for the Improvement and Development Agency, and I’m still involved in the strategic development of the platform.  Some background to the project can be found as a Case Study on  my website.  It seems I need to take care of my own publicity!

If anyone is interested in ‘what happens next’, the follow-up strategy (‘the next 3 years’) is all wrapped up with the Knowledge Hub, a topic I’ve previously posted on and will be adding to over the coming weeks. A case of ‘watch this space!

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