Bookmarks for July 7th through July 15th

These are my links for July 7th through July 15th:

  • Martha Lane Fox want all citizens of working age online – A noble aim, but is it a realistic target? After all there is:<br />
    (a) no budget<br />
    (b) no incentive for retailers to provide cheap or subsidised access<br />
    (c) dogged reluctance from some to use the internet (even if it was free)<br />
    (d) little support for novice users once they are connected<br />
    <br />
    I bet the phishing sites and spammers will have field day if the target is achieved. All those new (and naive) punters. Come to think of it, they really do have an incentive to see this target met – maybe they are a source of potential funding?
  • “The Semantic Web, Linked and Open Data: A Briefing Paper”…07.13.10 « The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian's Weblog – A good introduction to the subject, with clear explanations of RDF, URI, SPARQL, and useful links to additional resources.
  • Steve Dale at KIMPS09 | The best of Knowledge Management Information Site – Steve Dale is developing the Knowledge Hub for IDeA, as reported here However it is proving difficult to explain to people that it isn’t just a big knowledge warehouse. Steve reflects on how to explain, at the KIMPS09 knowledge management conference.
  • Armchair Auditor – Armchair Auditor lets you see how your council spends your money. Sometimes you want a high-level view of how much money is being spent by each council service or paid to each supplier. Other times you want to examine the details right down to individual payments. Armchair Auditor lets you do both.
  • inkdroid › the 5 stars of open linked data – Tim Berners Lee explains the 5 stars of open linked data, where each star represents a further step in the journey towards publishing data which is compliant with open linked data standards. Also a neat and simple description of linked data, ontologies and vocabularies using a packet of chips (crisps) to illustrate the points.

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