Bookmarks for September 11th through September 16th

These are my links for September 11th through September 16th:

  • Google to unveil social networking feature – – Probably not news to many people, but clearly Google ramping up the expectations for their much-heralded new social network venture. No doubt some pressure to ensure they get this right, given the lack of buzzz with Buzz and the minor ripple that was Wave.
  • Seesmic Desktop 2 Brings More than 40 Social Networking Apps to One Window – I’ve recently installed the new version (have been using Seesmic 1 for some time) and can verify the credentials described here. It’s a great way of joining up conversations that are happening in an increasingly dissagreagrated social web environment. In fact, precisely the approach we are taking with the Knowledge Hub project – sometimes referred to as “Communities of Practice 2.0” ( Seems like we’re all suffering from the same problems and coming to similar solutions.
  • Improving visualisation – Gallery – Examples of data visualistion for the Public Sector
  • mySociety cache of Ordnance Survey OpenData and more – This is the mySociety cache of OS OpenData, released 1st April 2010, and other related similarly-licensed data, as allowed under the licences.

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