Bookmarks for September 3rd through September 4th

These are my links for September 3rd through September 4th:

  • The State of Linked Data in 2010 – A good summary and explanation of open and linked data. A reminder too that not all linked data is open, and not all open data is linked.
  • Facebook blocks Apple over Ping – Another example of the ‘closed shop’ mentality at Facebook? I guess we could take this at face value and believe that it really is something to do with loading the Facebook infrastucture with people sync’ing their social graph from other networks. Or is it a case of ‘competitors keep out!’? It will be interesting to see how Google’s much-hyped ‘Facebook killer’ – Google Me – handles links with other networks. Their whole model is based on openness, so I’m guessing they will integrate with Ping, Twitter and any other service in the social web. Well….at least I’m hoping so!
  • Insight Web Family > Home > Nottingham Insight – Open and linked data in action. Nottingham Insight, previously known as NOMAD+, is a shared evidence base that provides access to data, information and intelligence about Nottingham and the surrounding area. This partnership system aims to improve decision-making, support partnership working and better prepare us for the future.
  • Welcome to East Suxxes in Figures – Another example of open and linked data proving information and analysis about your location.
  • Crime mapping for English and Welsh police forces – CrimeMapper – This website provides you with information on crime and antisocial behaviour in your neighbourhood, wherever you live in England or Wales.

    It also enables you to access and compare the latest information on a range of crime types with other neighbourhoods.

    You will also be able to access the details of your local neighbourhood policing team, policing priorities and information on the policing pledge.

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