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Online Information 2008
Online Information 2008

The slides from my presentation at the Online Information Conference have been posted to the conference website.

The presentation covered the following key points:

  1. How social media tools (wikis, blogs etc.) and Web 2.0 technologies can facilitate more effective networking and collaboration across the public sector.
  2. How virtual CoPs are delivering innovation and improvement to local government services.
  3. What does a successful CoP look like and how is success measured?
  4. Lesson learnt from the project.

I’m happy to answer any queries about this project or the slides.

One Comment

  1. Stuart Reid said:

    Hi Steve – thanks for drawing attention to these.

    I really like the word cloud on slide 4 which shows local government’s wide range of services. What was the source for this?


    December 20, 2008

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