Job vacancies at The Information Authority

I thought I should make the most of this blog to publicise a number of job vacancies that will be advertised in the Guardian this coming week. The positions have been created as part of the strategy I’m developing for the Information Authority Secretariat. The Information Authority has been established as an independent body
to set and regulate data collection and reporting standards for all organisations
involved in further education and training in England and Wales. A key component of the strategy will be the creation and development of communities of interest and practice across the further education sector to enable a more open, collaborative and transparent environment for information and knowledge sharing.  A community platform is planned, utilising Web2.0 technolgy and social media applications. The community platform will be available to all data providers and users across the further education sector, including schools, colleges, training providers, agencies and non-government department public bodies.

Quite an ambitious plan, and hence why I’m recruiting the key individuals make it all happen. A copy of the job adverts that will appear in the press and in various web site this week, including Jobserve, Gurteen and TFPL is attached

to this posting.  Anyone interested should apply through the information authority web site where an application form will be available from Tuesday 17th July.

Download info_sec_lsc_x126.pdf


  1. The IA Gang said:

    Great stuff Steve!

    July 17, 2007
  2. Randy F said:

    I’m in the US. Much of the research that I do re: KM opportunitites, and KM in general, lands me in the UK realm. How do we transfer these concepts “across the pond” into the US?

    September 6, 2007

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