Introduction to Linked Data (presentation)

[twitter style=”vertical” source=”Collabor8now” float=”left”] I was pleased to attend a presentation on linked data at the BCS Data Management Specialist Group on Tuesday (26th July), given by Dave Reynolds, co-founder of Epimorphics Ltd, and  one of the data experts I have frequently turned to for advice when scoping the requirements for the Knowledge Hub project. (Dave is a members of the Data & Apps Advisory Group for the Knowledge Hub).

The presentation included metadata management, e-Commerce uses, inference and information extraction, text mining, syntax (various flavours – RDF/XML, Turtle, RDfa), and knowledge representation through Ontologies (e.g. Web Ontology Language, OWL).

Dave explained a fairly complex topic (well, complex for those not yet fully immersed in modelling information solutions using linked data) in a simple but engaging style, using his slides to show examples of linked data constructs. Well worth a look for anyone who wants to get a deeper understanding of the topic (if nothing else, check out the strengths/weaknesses towards the end of the presentation).

The slides are available from SlideShare: Introduction to linked data, and a copy embedded below.


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