Bookmarks for April 22nd through April 27th

These are my links for April 22nd through April 27th:

  • The Conservative Party | News | Speeches | Adam Afriyie: Government must improve access to data – “The campaign to ‘free our data’ is an important one – all the more so at a time when our economy is in deep recession.
  • UserVoice – Customer Feedback 2.0 – Harness the ideas of your customers. Build great products. Turn customers into champions. – Uservoice communities are the easiest way to turn customer feedback into action
  • Knowledge Hub Hotseat – Still trying to explain the concepts in less than 2 minutes!
  • Open data – The idea behind open data is that information held by government should be freely available to use and re-mix by the public. It’s a movement to make non-personal data:
    * open so that it can be turned into useful applications
    * support transparency and accountability
    * make sharing data between public sector partners more efficient.
  • The government is committed to making much more public data openly available. On 22 March 2010, the Prime Minister announced that the government was going to: “use digital technology to open up data with the aim of providing every citizen in Britain with true ownership and accountability over the services they demand from government.”
  • Current and planned initiatives include:
    *, which is a single, easy-to-use website for access to 3,000 public data sets
    * Office for National Statistics (ONS) opening up access to over two billion data items at the local neighbourhood level.
  • Releases Open Source Code | The White House – As part of our ongoing effort to develop an open platform for, we’re releasing some of the custom code we’ve developed. This code is available for anyone to review, use, or modify. We’re excited to see how developers across the world put our work to good use in their own applications.

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