Bookmarks for February 17th from 17:00 to 18:54

These are my links for February 17th from 17:00 to 18:54:

  • Cllr Tweeps – A few people have queried what we are doing here. It’s actually quite simple, we are trying to compile the definitive list of UK councillors on Twitter, no more, no less.
    What people do with the information we provide is up to them.
  • The UKGovWeb Twitterverse | DavePress
  • Power of Information Taskforce Report – Welcome to the report of the Power of Information Taskforce. We are publishing this report in beta before we hand it in formally to the Government. We wanted to give the the community that has contributed to the Taskforce’s work the chance to make suggestions while the report is in draft. The report will be here for comment for two weeks. We shall make small improvements as we go along. Then we shall consider the views raised, adapt the report if we think it helps makes the case to the Government and hand it in to the Cabinet Office. So please go ahead and comment.
  • Web services – NHS Choices
  • Get More Twitter Subscribers – The Linkbuildr Twitter account has steadily been growing and I’ve been trying to find new ways to get more subscribers, and that has led me to write this post. Besides having chiclets, banners, buttons and other on page methods of getting people to your Twitter account there hasn’t been much options outside of that for attracting attention
  • Facebook flashmob shuts down station – – Thousands of dancers jammed a major London train station in a Facebook-driven "flashmob" mimicking an advertisement for a phone company.

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