Bookmarks for February 19th through February 20th

These are my links for February 19th through February 20th:

  • CDC – PHIN Communities of Practice – Communities of Practice (CoPs) are working to strengthen the Public Health Information Network (PHIN) as members collaborate, share, and focus on issues prioritized by the PHIN Community. The PHIN Community provides a participatory environment for members to learn, share expertise, and develop informatics solutions to improve public health’s capacity to use and exchange information electronically.
  • Six ways to make Web 2.0 work – Technologies known collectively as Web 2.0 have spread widely among consumers over the past five years. Social-networking Web sites, such as Facebook and MySpace, now attract more than 100 million visitors a month. As the popularity of Web 2.0 has grown, companies have noted the intense consumer engagement and creativity surrounding these technologies. Many organizations, keen to harness Web 2.0 internally, are experimenting with the tools or deploying them on a trial basis.
  • McKinsey on 6 Ways to Make Web 2.0 Work for You – Most of it fairly obvious, but one or two nuggets.
  • Catnav to track murderous pets |
    News |
    – Thanks to @conradtaylor for this link – Catnav to track murderous pets
  • Communities and Collaboration – New blog post: Bookmarks for February 18th through February 19th

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