Bookmarks for July 19th through July 28th

These are my links for July 19th through July 28th:

  • | Tweet in your Face! – is designed for those who want to use Twitter as their primary status update tool without spamming all of their Facebook friends with tweets that don’t make any sense to them.
  • E-government 2.0 – McKinsey Quarterly – Public Sector – Management – Despite spending enormous amounts on Web-based initiatives, government agencies often fail to meet users’ needs online. By employing new governance models, investing in Web capabilities, and embracing user participation, agencies can raise the effectiveness of their online presence.
  • TwitchBoard – TwitchBoard listens to your twitter account, and forwards messages on to other internet services based on what it hears. Our first service will automatically save any links you tweet to the bookmarking service. We’re working on connections to many other services
  • Steve Dale – GeoChirp – Twitter Application – GeoChirp helps you search for people Twittering for specific things in a specific area.
  • A councillor’s guide to social media Home – A councillor’s guide to social media – The purpose of this wiki is building some concise guidance on how councils and councillors can use social media to improve services and connect with citizens. It will be published in short hard-copy format and a more expansive and linked web resource
  • Mash the State :: Getting government data to the people – A grassroots campaign to encourage UK government and public sector organisations to make their data available to the general public using RSS/Atom feeds.

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