Bookmarks for March 3rd through March 7th

These are my links for March 3rd through March 7th:

  • – Manage multiple Twitter accounts with Hootsuite
  • Six ways to make Web 2.0 work – The McKinsey Quarterly – Over the past two years, McKinsey has studied more than 50 early adopters to garner insights into successful efforts to use Web 2.0 as a way of unlocking participation. We have surveyed, independently, a range of executives on Web 2.0 adoption. Our work suggests the challenges that lie ahead. To date, as many survey respondents are dissatisfied with their use of Web 2.0 technologies as are satisfied.
  • – Just read through recommendations in final Power of Info Report – looks good, and commendation to task force. #poit
  • Why Google Will Never Be Good At Enterprise Search – When you look for something specific, your chances of finding it are very bad… because of all things in the world, you only want one of them. When you look for anything at all, your chances of finding it are very good… because of all the things in the world, you're sure to find some of them.
  • – Is this the future of marketing through social media? Skittles campaign at

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