Bookmarks for November 25th through December 5th

These are my links for November 25th through December 5th:

  • COI – Structuring information on the Web for re-usability – Government is committed to making its public information and data as widely available as possible. The best way to make structured information available online is to publish it as Linked Data. Linked Data makes the information easier to cut and combine in ways that are relevant to citizens. This document describes how to put government consultations information into Linked Data using RDFa.
  • the 46 stages of Twitter – From sceptic to Twitter junky in 46 steps
  • Why Google Wave Sucks, And Why You Will Use It Anyway – Google Wave is a hot topic at the moment. The ambitious group collaboration and micro-messaging platform started rolling out in beta via an initial batch of 100,000 invitations two months ago. Many people still want invitations. Among those who’ve tried it, some criticize it, some praise it. For now it has a lot of usability problems that are described below. Yes, you should look at Google Wave. But there is no need to desperately long for an invitation yet.
  • Leadership is not obsolete in the networked world :: Blog :: Headshift – The evolution of social networks and internal social tools within large companies offers a huge opportunity for leaders to break out of the stultifying constraints of internal corporate communications and reach out to people across the company, sharing their vision, encouraging people and listening to what they have to say.
  • TFPL Training : Web 2.0 tools for facilitating knowledge management – This one day course provides a practical and detailed introduction to Web 2.0 tools and techniques that will support more effective collaboration and knowledge sharing, and will give greater confidence to staff that may be on the periphery of the socio-technology changes that are becoming increasingly prevalent in both their professional and private lives.

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