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The following is a transcript of the Knowledge Hub ‘Hot Seat’ on-line question and answer session that took place on 26th February 2010 on the IDeA CoP Platform. Further information…

Knowledge Hub Knowledge Management Video

Knowledge Management Video

Maybe nothing new here for the seasoned Twitter user, but as always, Lee Lefever does a great job in putting across fairly complex concepts in a simple ‘matter of fact’…

Twitter Video

Semantic Web Video

For anyone that has been following the US Now project the film is now online to watch. For anyone else this is the background: In a world in which information…

Social Computing Social Media Video

Another ‘plain English’ video to from Lee Lefever in his inimitable style making complex subjects easy to understand for the layperson. This one gives a short explanation of what makes…

Presentations Video

Knowledge Management Video

Michael Norton, a colleague at IDeA has put this great little video clip together explaining Communities of Practice. It makes specific reference to CoPs in local government, but the concepts…

Communities of Practice Video

Another excellent video from Lee leFever over at Common Craft. This one explains Social Media in plain English.

Social Media Video

Communities of Practice Video