Online Information 2011 Call For Speakers


The call for speakers and papers for the Online Information Conference 2011 (29th November to 1st December) is now out.

We want to hear from people and organisations that are using knowledge, information and technology in new and interesting ways. We are looking for exciting, innovative projects and lessons learned from the introduction of Web 2.0 tools and techniques. We want to showcase people and organisations that are leading the way in how we generate, consume and make sense of information in an increasingly complex world.

Do you have a story to tell?

  • Where are we going with apps? Will the closed Apple ecosystem or the open Android market dominate this space?
  • There has been a growing hype over the last few years around open and linked data but what has ‘the semantic web’ actually delivered in terms of value to users and organisations?
  • Are you using mobile technologies to deliver information services in new ways to your users?
  • Social media is now ‘business and usual’ – what strategies and technologies are you using to be creative and add value in your work environment?
  • How are librarians working with end users over social media platforms to design and deliver services together?
  • eBooks have exploded and are changing the way users consume content. What new business models are proving successful? What are the opportunities and challenges to libraries and publishers?
  • What skills and competencies will the information professional of the future possess? How are roles evolving how and how are you staying relevant?

Then why not share it with others?

The Online world is waiting to learn from the pioneers who have made it work. This is your chance to be seen as one of the leaders – with your story reaching a global audience from over 40 countries.¬†Please check the the details for submission of your paper, and make sure you don’t miss the deadline of ¬†6th May!

Call for Speakers 2011 Submission Form

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