Bookmarks for March 17th through March 20th

These are my links for March 17th through March 20th:

  • Noticeboard – Google Noticeboard is an application that helps people access and share information over the Internet using public digital noticeboards. Using Google Noticeboard, communities can access a variety of relevant information. People can create text messages or record voice snippets and post them to one or more noticeboards.
  • The Four Tenets of the Community Manager – The budding Community Manager industry holds 4 tenets; these values resonate as a common thread within the role. The include community advocation, brand ambassadorship, online communication skills, and product requirements gathering and improvements.
  • – TNT contract extended despite losing personal details of 25million child benefit claimants. Ho Hum!
  • BBC NEWS | Politics | LGA banned words – Here is the full list of 200 words which the Local Government Association says should not be used by councils:
  • Communities and Collaboration – New blog post: Bookmarks for March 11th through March 17th

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